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Concrete Pool Renovations

We specialize in concrete pool renovation for customers in NJ.

We specialize in concrete pool renovation for customers in NJ. Even concrete pools that are cared for and maintained properly will need some renovation work done at some point. Our professional pool renovation techniques ensure that your repairs and renovations are done properly and affordably so you can continue to enjoy your pool for many years to come.

Our pool plastering service will give your swimming pool back its brand new look. Our pool plaster and resurfacing is a great way to renovate your commercial pool, public pool or residential inground pool after it has endured many years of enjoyment and use Below you can see sample before after picture of the commercial inground swimming pool and public inground swimming pool.

Here some of our Commercial and Residential Concrete Pool Diamond Brite Resurfacing Projects and Testimonials

View some of our concrete pool renovation projects – You can see step by step the process we go through to revitalize your pool and your backyard. This pool renovation was for a larger public pool. As you can see in the first picture, there was significant cracks and discoloration on the surface.

Some common pool renovations and repairs include: cracked concrete swimming pools, cracked swimming pool ceramic tiles, damaged swimming pool ceramic tiles, stains on concrete pools, damaged pool coping, swimming pool filter, swimming pool plumbing repair, swimming pool patio repair, pool patio updating, swimming pool plaster repair, inground swimming pool tile repair, inground swimming pool tile replacement, swimming pool step repair,

When your inground concrete pool need renovation, please contact us, one of our specialist expert will advice you for the best solution for your pool. No matter you want to install new concrete swimming pool or renovate your existing inground concrete pool, you can always call our specialist to plaster your concrete pool as we are your local, licensed, insured, reliable, reasonable and experienced construction contractor and we will be happy to assist you for your concrete pool plaster in New Jersey. You can get help if you want to re-surface or re-plaster your old concrete pool. Instead of old sand blasting system, for inground swimming pool plastering, our company uses new water blasting system. With our 7000psi high pressure water blasting equipment, our professional water blaster team can remove your existing pool paint with pressure water blaster. Its more faster, more cleaner, more quieter. No more sand mess around your pool after job done. Its just water and we will leave clean job after us.

Using old sand system to remove your existing pool paint is leaving lots of mess around your pool. It is also very noisy that your neighbors can complaint about. Either for residential or commercial in-ground swimming pool, our construction company is your local, licensed, insured, reliable, reasonable and experienced contractor to use latest water blasting technology and use high pressure water blasting system to remove your existing inground pool paint in New Jersey.

Please Watch Some Of Our Concrete Pool Renovation Works

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